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1892 3380d 18h serge /programs/develop/libraries/ cairo-1.10.2  
1891 3381d 06h serge /programs/develop/libraries/pixman/ pixman-1.0  
1884 3387d 07h Albom /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/makefiles/ Makefile_for_cpp_program: objcopy add  
1883 3387d 08h clevermouse /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/linuxtools/ fix compiler name  
1882 3387d 10h clevermouse /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/ add menuetlibc sources  
1879 3390d 06h Albom /programs/develop/libraries/gblib/ gblib src added  
1858 3399d 23h lev /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ Fixed deletion of selected text in the Editbox with "Backspace"
"Shift+Delete", "Shift+Backspace" with selected text still work wrong.
1853 3402d 09h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/c--/trunk/ "32" (Based on Sphinx C--): added license file from original Sphinx C--  
1850 3403d 06h yogev_ezra / Comment out "C--" auto-build.  
1849 3403d 06h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/c--/trunk/ C--: fix some compiler warnings  
1848 3403d 06h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/c--/trunk/ Test C--  
1846 3403d 07h yogev_ezra / Add sources of "C--"'like compiler written in C--.  
1845 3404d 04h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/libraries/ufmod/ Added libraries/ufmod source code.  
1843 3404d 06h clevermouse / Makefile: autobuild media/ac97snd  
1753 3420d 04h mario79 / 1) Fix for HEED - the event of mouse processed only if the window on "top of stack" is now
2) Fix MENU.DAT for current path of HEED on ramdisk
1732 3439d 07h IgorA /programs/develop/kol_f_edit/ update 'kol_f_edit', added example of connecting the library 'buf2d.obj'  
1728 3443d 11h clevermouse /programs/ fix compilation in linux  
1727 3448d 07h IgorA /programs/ 1) 'kol_f_edit': optimize & update, create folder 'docs'
2) 'buf2d.obj': rename function 'buf2d_cruve_bezier'
1720 3452d 14h IgorA /programs/develop/ 1) small update 'init_checkbox2' in 'box_lib.obj'
2) update 'kol_f_edit' now can create element 'checkbox2'
1717 3457d 09h IgorA /programs/develop/ 1) correction functions 'buf_filled_rect_by_size' and 'buf_line_h' in 'buf2d.obj'
2) fix & update 'kol_f_edit'

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