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2279 3440d 21h leency /programs/demos/3dsheart/trunk/ 3d heart caption changed  
2274 3441d 22h leency /programs/demos/3dsheart/trunk/ 3dsheart small fix for autobuild  
2271 3442d 07h leency /programs/demos/ 3dsheart src uploaded  
2269 3442d 09h leency /programs/demos/3dwav/ 3dwav src added  
2206 3460d 20h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ VIEW3DS: small appearance fix for some skins  
2205 3460d 22h leency /programs/demos/3dcube2/trunk/ 3dcube2: small appearance fixes  
2193 3461d 21h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ fixes  
2192 3461d 21h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ View3DS v0.60 from Macgub  
2096 3487d 11h leency /programs/demos/magnify/trunk/ magnify: changed header  
2095 3487d 13h dunkaist /programs/demos/firework/trunk/ firework: rolled up fix  
2094 3487d 13h dunkaist /programs/demos/movback/trunk/ movback: rolled up fix  
2083 3488d 18h leency /programs/demos/flatwav/trunk/ Flatwav: skinned window  
2063 3490d 14h mario79 /programs/demos/magnify/trunk/ MAGNIFY - checking for "rolled up" window  
2046 3495d 13h dunkaist /programs/demos/bgitest/trunk/FONTS/ copy *CHR fonts from (some were broken)  
2030 3509d 18h leency /programs/demos/unvwater/trunk/ unvwater: right version  
2029 3513d 15h leency /programs/demos/movback/trunk/ movback: transparent background  
2028 3513d 15h leency /programs/demos/plasma/trunk/ plasma: transparent background  
2027 3513d 16h leency /programs/demos/unvwater/trunk/ unvwater: transparent background  
2025 3514d 05h Albom /programs/demos/bcdclk/trunk/ keys handling in bcdclk  
2024 3514d 10h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ VIEW3DS: header fix  

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