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8253 3d 04h leency /programs/demos/tinyfrac/trunk/ tinyfrac: general refactoring, use scancodes  
8252 4d 14h IgorA / life2: use open dialog, big font in caption  
8236 6d 17h IgorA /programs/ 1) some programs use new macros load_lib.mac
2) bcc32 add example use libimg.obj
8232 7d 16h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ View3ds 0.71 by macgub: new glass effect, bugfixing  
8229 7d 17h leency / Upload smaller House.3ds by macgub  
8218 10d 22h maxcodehack / Change SDL example  
8207 11d 23h maxcodehack / Add SDL port to newlib  
8202 12d 13h maxcodehack /programs/demos/SDL/ Add working !newlib! sample for SDL  
8200 12d 20h maxcodehack /programs/demos/SDL/ Add makefile to SDL example
Fix SDL makefile
8199 12d 22h IgorA / fix life2, update life3  
8184 15d 18h IgorA / update demo life2,
fix rev 8179
8173 18d 10h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/ Remove t2fasm.cpp We can found it in /programs/bcc32/t2fasm/  
8170 18d 18h IgorA /programs/demos/life2/ clean code  
8149 22d 14h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/ Remove kos32-bcc from life2  
8138 23d 14h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/ Fix life_bmp  
8137 23d 14h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/ Move bmp2h to folder 'life_bmp'  
8136 23d 14h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/kos32-bcc/ Add patch  
8135 23d 14h maxcodehack /programs/demos/life2/ Update bcc32 -> kos32-bcc  
8134 23d 16h IgorA /programs/demos/life2/ fix rev 8133  
8133 24d 09h IgorA /programs/demos/life2/ clean code  
8129 26d 11h IgorA /programs/demos/life2/ life2: change namespace to 'Kolibri'  
8048 138d 19h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ view3ds: fix name case  
8047 138d 19h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ View3ds v0.7 by Maciej Guba  
8025 174d 09h leency / house.3ds: smaller version by macgub
view3ds: mouse scroll support in edit mode; some keys support (+/-,up,down,left,right)
fb2read: search feature by akron1
8014 180d 14h leency /programs/demos/3DS/ View 3DS 0.69 by macgub:
1. 32bit vertices indexes and ability to load whole RAM limited objects. (Above 65535 vertices and triangles).
2. I switch off painters algotithm mode (depth sorting). In app impelementetion it has limited vertices count and produce less quality image than Z buffer Catmull algo. In addition this switch off reduces app size.
7957 193d 05h leency / icon_new: also fix RMB, thanks Prohor for found issue
asciivju: better code, bigger fonts
quark: bugfixes
7955 193d 09h leency /programs/demos/cubeline/trunk/ revert cubeline  
7954 193d 09h leency /programs/demos/cubeline/trunk/ fix 3  
7953 193d 09h leency /programs/demos/cubeline/trunk/ fix 2  
7952 193d 09h leency /programs/demos/cubeline/trunk/ fix cubeline  
7951 193d 09h leency /programs/ cmm/txtread: delete app
bgitest: move to other/outdated
7930 196d 15h leency / demos/3d/flatwav: small update, add to ISO, fix RUS menu.dat  
7788 228d 14h leency / View3DS: support kpacked files
WebView: DOCX support
7754 248d 03h leency /programs/ compress animage graphics, webview fix  
7723 286d 03h dunkaist /programs/demos/newton_fractal/ Add Newton fractal demo.

Accepts @ss parameter to run as a screen saver.

Written in UASM by 0CorErr.
Translated to FASM by dunkaist.
7665 544d 05h dunkaist /programs/demos/spiral/ spiral demo: Replace P6 fcomip instruction with pre-P6 ones.  
7648 568d 12h leency / eyes: fix blinking
piano: add to rus IMG, make the code more flexible
graph: big fonts
7599 628d 08h dunkaist /programs/demos/spiral/ Add spiral: 2D demo and screen saver example.

Originally written in UASM by 0CodErr.
7458 777d 09h leency / mos3de: add to ISO
arcanii: UI update, fix F1/F2 labels
7351 810d 09h leency /programs/demos/mos3de/ fix name case