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5825 1529d 19h leency /programs/cmm/ list_box: structure improvements  
5776 1543d 01h leency /programs/cmm/ Add kolibri font viewer, separate font.text into font.prepare and  
5767 1546d 21h leency /programs/cmm/ Appearance, Eolite, Installer: fixes  
5761 1547d 20h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: fix, font.h: simple smooth just for Eolite  
5753 1549d 19h leency /programs/cmm/ update font.h from PavelJakovlev, Eolite 3.1, restore encoding.h  
5748 1550d 20h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 3.06: Remember win size and pos  
5745 1550d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 3.05: use sizable fonts *.kf  
5743 1551d 19h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite 3.01: some fixes, code clean  
5719 1556d 18h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite 3.0 RC1: two panels almost implemented, need some fixes  
5710 1559d 21h leency /programs/cmm/ More flexible fonts Eolite, WebView (part1)  
5707 1559d 23h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ fix autobuild  
5702 1560d 12h punk_joker /programs/cmm/ Eolite 3.0 beta 4: use scan codes (Part 2)  
5698 1560d 14h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite 3.0 beta 3: fixed bug, more flexible code, code clean  
5687 1563d 17h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite 2.93: fix for option "Use big fonts", supports only English characters yet  
5674 1565d 19h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/ New libs (CMM): system.h, mouse.h  
5620 1571d 21h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite: fix renaming elements  
5607 1577d 22h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/eolite/include/ Eolite: save ini  
5606 1577d 22h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/ Eolite: Update when you change file attributes  
5591 1580d 08h pavelyakov /programs/ Eolite: fixed bags.  
5582 1581d 10h pavelyakov /programs/ Eolite:Refresh window when changing settings.
Kpack:Fixed bag kpack wait event.

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