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7806 319d 14h leency /programs/ tinypad: no optim_save by default
eolite: fix crash on put image h<1
cmm: rename colors to the short one "sc"
7783 323d 17h leency /programs/ easyshot v1.3, console: new scrollbar  
7771 326d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ WebVIew 2.4: tabs  
7506 856d 02h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm editboxes: various fixes  
7259 1043d 03h leency / IconEdit 0.49: draw bar tool (filled rectangle)  
7252 1047d 02h leency /programs/cmm/ fix menu component (found by tsdima), apps size decrease a bit, improve Appearance preview  
7249 1047d 17h leency /programs/cmm/ fix #2  
7247 1048d 00h theonlymirage /programs/cmm/easyshot/ Correction of the Russian localization in EasyShot.  
7246 1048d 02h leency /programs/cmm/ delete app_installer as outdated  
7245 1048d 04h leency / EasyShot going GOLD, added to distro  
7244 1048d 18h leency /programs/cmm/ DrawCheckBox replaced by structure checkbox, huge code refactoring  
7243 1049d 00h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM: use updated more_less_box, dynamically get free button id  
7235 1050d 20h leency /programs/cmm/ update EasyShot  
7229 1052d 05h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM: easy icon set in program  
7228 1052d 15h leency /programs/cmm/ fix prior rev  
7224 1063d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ Easyshot 0.7: settings, better UI  
7221 1064d 14h leency /programs/cmm/ EasyShot 0.5: first working version  
7220 1064d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ update easyshot, fix Eolite Properties window dates  
6746 1561d 03h leency /programs/cmm/ fix DefineAndDrawWindow(), rename vfc to diff  
5825 2002d 00h leency /programs/cmm/ list_box: structure improvements  

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