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7506 140d 08h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm editboxes: various fixes  
7450 158d 05h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm: fix regression which increased all app size  
7447 159d 05h leency / Iconedit: add menu "Icon" with functions Replace color in canvas and Count unic colors used
H2d2b: allow input numbers only in
Sstartrek: rename Readme.txt to sst.doc
7293 298d 01h leency /programs/cmm/ Aelia: add status bar, code update  
7291 299d 23h leency /programs/cmm/ Aelia: links refactoring  
7286 300d 08h leency /programs/cmm/ speedup kfonts
completely rewriting Aelia #2
7285 301d 03h leency /programs/cmm/aelia/ completely rewriting Aelia #1  
7284 302d 06h leency /programs/cmm/ fix aelia  
7231 336d 10h leency /programs/cmm/aelia/ fix 2  
7229 336d 10h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM: easy icon set in program  
7227 336d 21h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM: general refactoring  
6808 815d 19h leency /programs/cmm/ kfont.h: proceed font 23% faster, use 32 depth buffer  
6806 817d 00h leency /programs/cmm/ kfont.h: split symbol() and symbol_size() functions  
6805 817d 04h leency /programs/cmm/ update font.h, rename to kfont.h, fix Eolite font bug in prior rev  
6803 817d 09h leency /programs/cmm/ kfont: remove italic style, some code cleanup in browser and lib/font.h  
6746 845d 08h leency /programs/cmm/ fix DefineAndDrawWindow(), rename vfc to diff  
6641 868d 07h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM: ability to use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in EditBox for the rest apps  
6383 1086d 07h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Cleaner version of fixSymbol  
6378 1088d 00h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Fix parsing symbols  
6377 1088d 04h guillem /programs/cmm/aelia/ Fix small bug in tag.h  

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