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6955 1035d 10h leency /programs/cmm/software_widget/ software_widget: support app params via '|' separator  
6954 1035d 10h leency /programs/ Move Memory Blocks game to CMM folder, update app to version 1.1. Use icons from icons32.png instead of build in. Better and more flexible code.  
6949 1036d 13h leency /programs/cmm/ Small fixes. Dicty: removed debug messages. Eolite: fix color of list columns separation line.  
6932 1098d 16h leency /programs/cmm/liza/ update liza  
6931 1098d 16h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 1.6: open link in a new window by pressing Middle mouse button on the link
Eolite: fix misspell (found by Ray)
6930 1099d 11h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: fix  
6920 1124d 08h leency /programs/cmm/pixie2/ upload Pixie v2  
6919 1124d 09h leency /programs/cmm/ upload Pipet app  
6918 1124d 12h leency /programs/cmm/drvinst/ fix text reader path  
6887 1182d 04h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/ Update library
New library window
6886 1182d 05h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/examples/ Update build commands  
6885 1183d 10h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/eolite/ Fixed  
6808 1293d 02h leency /programs/cmm/ kfont.h: proceed font 23% faster, use 32 depth buffer  
6806 1294d 07h leency /programs/cmm/ kfont.h: split symbol() and symbol_size() functions  
6805 1294d 11h leency /programs/cmm/ update font.h, rename to kfont.h, fix Eolite font bug in prior rev  
6803 1294d 16h leency /programs/cmm/ kfont: remove italic style, some code cleanup in browser and lib/font.h  
6796 1302d 04h leency /programs/cmm/liza/ fix liza/mail_box.c  
6795 1302d 04h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 1.58: improve links on pages  
6794 1304d 04h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 1.57: change draw Y coordinate from lines to pixels, several fixes  
6791 1307d 09h leency /programs/cmm/ cmm: various updates  

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