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404 5429d 21h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade add mouse+shift  
403 5429d 23h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade  
402 5430d 02h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade editbox  
398 5431d 18h Ghost /programs/develop/fast_call_test/ Fast call demo program update  
396 5431d 23h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade editbox 07.03.2007  
391 5432d 18h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ upgrade editbox  
386 5434d 13h mikedld /programs/system/mgb/ Added MGB 0.3 (disassembled and modified by me)  
383 5437d 09h heavyiron /programs/develop/examples/ removed old optionbox, very small fixes in radiobutton, checkbox, modified template  
382 5437d 10h heavyiron /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc 1.32 - fixed arccos  
376 5440d 20h serge /programs/ updated soundlib, DOOM, ac97snd  
375 5441d 18h Ghost / Fast System Call
Currently it only for kernel developing
See :
374 5441d 23h serge /programs/ DOOM alpha 4  
372 5444d 23h heavyiron /programs/ menu renamed to @menu, fixes in panel from  
371 5444d 23h heavyiron /programs/system/rdsave/trunk/ added default path for reserve saving (you can change it in rdsave.asm - path4 and recompile program)  
370 5444d 23h heavyiron /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ fasm 1.67.21  
368 5445d 01h serge /programs/develop/sdk/trunk/sound/ volume and pan control  
367 5445d 22h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/radiobutton/trunk/ upgrade radiobatton  
366 5446d 01h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/checkbox/trunk/ upgrade checkbox, add new & old vesion. Paste cod at Heavyiron  
362 5448d 01h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/radiobutton/trunk/ upgrade component optionbox  
361 5448d 01h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/checkbox/trunk/ upgrade component checkbox  

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