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7916 250d 20h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/lib/ add hash function  
7914 253d 10h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 2.5: open new urls in the process that already exists  
7913 253d 19h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: fix WaitEventTimeout()  
7912 254d 01h leency /programs/cmm/misc/ fix prior  
7911 254d 01h leency / cmm move small aps into cmm/misc folder  
7910 254d 01h leency /programs/ add tcc/samples/  
7909 254d 20h leency / cmm tabs: slightly better implementation  
7908 254d 23h leency /programs/other/ graph: attempt to fix editbox
table wider editbox
7907 255d 07h leency /programs/cmm/sysmon/ upload drives.h  
7906 255d 07h leency / SysMon: show all tmp disks, reparate general tab into two, precise calculation of rd disk empty space  
7905 255d 12h leency /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ fix prior  
7904 255d 12h leency / editbox: remove selection if element was deactivated  
7903 255d 16h leency /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ editbox: move cursor to the end of the inserted string by Prohor Nikiforov and me  
7902 256d 18h leency /programs/system/calendar/trunk/ calendar: update time on button click, not by timeout  
7900 256d 20h leency / more apps into testing folder  
7899 256d 20h leency / move some apps to the programs/testing folder  
7898 256d 21h leency /programs/other/table/ fix prior  
7897 256d 21h leency /programs/other/table/ table: fix the detection of separator in a small files (fix issue #61)  
7895 257d 01h leency / invisible tab and new line characters by Pathoswithin  
7894 257d 11h rgimad /programs/emulator/kwine/ KWINE v0.0.3
into msvcrt.dll added:
- putchar
- strchr
- strrchr
- strcpy
- strncpy
- memset
- memcpy
- memcmp
- time
- mktime
- localtime
- difftime
- srand
- rand
new samples
- rnd_arr1.exe
- string2.exe

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