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7096 1272d 21h leency /programs/cmm/ Backgen 0.6  
7094 1275d 11h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Updated readme.  
7093 1275d 11h hidnplayr /programs/network/ Remove build.bat  
7092 1275d 23h hidnplayr /programs/network/downloader/ Check FLAG_GOT_ALL_DATA is set, even when no additional data was received.  
7091 1275d 23h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Fix possible page error while receiving chunked data.  
7090 1277d 00h hidnplayr /programs/network/ircc/ IRC client: strip username prefixes when opening a private chat window  
7089 1277d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ upload backgen v0.5  
7088 1278d 02h leency /programs/develop/cmm/ add compile_exe.bat by 0CodErr  
7087 1278d 10h leency /programs/system/icon_new/ prevent double click on icon, add a small delay  
7086 1278d 22h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM: use single click instead of double in Eolite, add math.min() and math.max() functions, add more_less_box component  
7085 1278d 23h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/iconv/ Iconv: add ISO-8859-1 support. (Second most popular encoding on the web today.)  
7084 1278d 23h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/iconv/ Iconv: add proper KOI8-R support.  
7083 1279d 02h 0CodErr /programs/system/RunOD/1/ add kpack to command  
7082 1279d 02h 0CodErr /programs/system/RunOD/1/ fix tupfile  
7081 1279d 02h 0CodErr / edit Tupfile.lua  
7080 1279d 02h 0CodErr /programs/system/RunOD/1/ try add Tupfile.lua for RUN application  
7079 1279d 06h ashmew2 /programs/develop/libraries/iconv/ Treat KOI8-R same as KOI8-RU  
7078 1279d 08h 0CodErr /programs/system/RunOD/1/ revert  
7077 1279d 08h 0CodErr /programs/system/RunOD/1/ try add Tupfile.lua for RUN application  
7076 1279d 08h 0CodErr /programs/system/RunOD/1/ try add Tupfile.lua for RUN application  

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