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5348 2250d 14h mario79 /programs/games/ "So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!" The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  
5341 2254d 12h mario79 /programs/games/rstearth/ Rusty Earth - small fixes.  
5340 2254d 14h ZblCoder /programs/games/LaserTank/trunk/ LaserTank fix menu pause  
5338 2254d 14h ZblCoder /programs/games/LaserTank/trunk/ LaserTank refresh key to menus  
5337 2254d 15h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/TinyGL/asm_fork/ add arrays example  
5333 2254d 16h ZblCoder /programs/games/LaserTank/trunk/ LaserTank log fix  
5332 2254d 16h Anton_K /programs/games/Dungeons/ Add readme to Dungeons  
5331 2254d 16h ZblCoder / LaserTank water rampant added, new levels  
5330 2254d 17h Anton_K /programs/games/Dungeons/Resources/ Small fixes in Dungeons  
5326 2254d 20h igevorse /programs/games/21days/ '21 days' game: intro text changed  
5325 2254d 20h igevorse /programs/games/21days/ '21 days' game: interface bug eventually fixed  
5324 2254d 20h alpine /programs/games/marblematch3/game/ Marble Match-3 game release candidate  
5323 2254d 20h igevorse / '21 days' game: interface bug fixed, adding to the main menu  
5322 2254d 21h alpine /programs/games/heliothryx/game/ Heliothryx game: Release Candidate  
5320 2255d 01h mario79 /programs/games/rstearth/ Rusty Earth - fix for previous revision.  
5319 2255d 01h mario79 /programs/games/rstearth/ Rusty Earth - small fixes.  
5317 2255d 05h mario79 /programs/games/rstearth/ Rusty Earth
1) eleven demo levels
2) two new bases SAND and SNOW
3) fix for credits text
5316 2255d 05h alpine /programs/games/heliothryx/game/ Heliothryx game update
- updated explosions
- added huge explosion for boss, sound and animated texture
5315 2255d 06h alpine /programs/games/heliothryx/game/ Heliothryx game update
- added infinite gameplay stages with increasing difficulty
5314 2255d 07h Anton_K /programs/games/Dungeons/ Fix path in dungeons.asm  

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