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529 4792d 21h spraid / change path to "/sys" in some programs.
in build_all.bat: delete after compiling
delete /kernel/trunk/lib
528 4792d 21h diamond /programs/system/desktop/trunk/ desktop supports command line parameter <skin-name>  
526 4794d 00h diamond /programs/ * Fixed fasm broken in svn.485
* Jpegview 0.16 from Mario79
524 4798d 02h diamond /programs/system/ desktop, skinsel: load skin with new kernel  
522 4799d 00h diamond /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/ KFar 0.35: some bugfixes  
518 4800d 17h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ GMon
* bug fix in it87_get_fan_speed
517 4801d 01h diamond /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/ KFar 0.34  
515 4801d 20h heavyiron /programs/system/cpuid/trunk/ CPUID 2.21 from Wildwest  
510 4804d 19h Ghost /programs/ GMon & small fix  
508 4805d 02h victor /programs/ make up in build_all.bat  
507 4805d 07h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ Upgrade macros  
503 4806d 09h heavyiron /programs/ *correct pong (the previous one was duplicate of pong3)
*small fixes in icon_new
*title with fn0 in copyr
*fixed chess
502 4806d 12h heavyiron /programs/ Bugfix of 485 revision  
500 4806d 20h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ small changes  
496 4807d 20h diamond /programs/system/calendar/trunk/ Fixed broken (svn.485) messages in calendar.asm
(probably used svn client doesn't work correctly with non-english letters)
494 4807d 23h spraid / @Panel: do not kill self and icon
Kernel: stage one of use dev config
493 4808d 07h Lrz /programs/system/run/trunk/ modify run, add new version editbox  
491 4809d 04h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ modify example  
489 4810d 16h victor / small bug fix and make up in build scripts  
485 4812d 21h heavyiron / *kernel - fixes in 15.2 by Mario79 and 67 by mike.dld
updated sysfunc.txt
new icons and logo for CPUID and ICON
added new version of @ICON and ICONMNGR
fixes in iconedit and calendar from DedOK
new algoritm of fill background in pic4
all apps (fasm-writen only) rewriten to use common for easy recompile in fastcall mode (there is a bug in https; run need rewrite to use common
small fixes in build_all.bat script

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