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3604 2419d 13h fedesco / italian version  
3601 2419d 18h hidnplayr / Improved loopback device, separate ARP tables for every interface, added arpstat functionality to netstat, preparing zeroconf to work on multiple interfaces, improved API (fn 76, fn 74), fixed some bugs.  
3593 2421d 02h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/ newlib: remove false dependencies  
3590 2422d 02h Serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/include/ newlib: KOS-related include files  
3587 2422d 13h fedesco /programs/ italian version  
3586 2423d 00h fedesco /programs/system/ italian version  
3585 2423d 01h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/dependencies/ Netsurf - adding libs, required for building  
3584 2423d 02h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/ Netsurf initial port (still needs native ui and cURL)  
3581 2423d 11h fedesco /programs/games/arcanoid/trunk/ italian version  
3580 2423d 11h fedesco /programs/games/freecell/ italian version  
3574 2425d 15h hidnplayr /programs/network/telnet/ User selectable port for telnet client. Also improved the interface a bit.  
3572 2426d 05h hidnplayr /programs/network/downloader/ Fixed downloader to work with parameters and shared memory (now works with HTMLv)  
3570 2426d 05h hidnplayr /programs/ Moved IPC demo to /programs/develop/examples/  
3569 2426d 06h hidnplayr /programs/network_old/ Delete old network programs that have been converted to work on new stack.  
3566 2426d 07h hidnplayr / Rewrote logic of downloader, added it to autobuild.  
3564 2426d 09h hidnplayr /programs/network/downloader/ Fixed some bugs in downloader, added some error handling.  
3563 2426d 10h hidnplayr /programs/network/ircc/ IRC client: dont send empty messages  
3562 2426d 11h hidnplayr /programs/network/ Fixed bug in some network applications.  
3561 2426d 22h hidnplayr /programs/network/downloader/ 'downloader' for new network stack  
3549 2427d 01h yogev_ezra /programs/network/ Correct path try 2  

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