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2706 3474d 12h leency /programs/fs/sysxtree/trunk/ sysxtree: path fixes, header fixes, scroll less redraw, code update  
2705 3474d 16h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul: small fix  
2704 3474d 23h leency /programs/demos/colorref/trunk/ colorref: small gui fixes  
2703 3475d 00h leency /programs/demos/cslide/trunk/ cslide: code update  
2700 3476d 19h mario79 /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ Trying to correct errors of r.2698  
2699 3476d 20h mario79 /programs/system/refrscrn/ REFRESH SCREEN  
2698 3477d 04h leency /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ docpak: small update  
2697 3477d 12h mario79 /programs/system/icon/trunk/ ICON - fixed crash when trying to select some of the icons (bug #13)  
2696 3477d 16h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.83: hew home icon, <b> tag optimized  
2695 3477d 23h leency /programs/fs/Eolite/trunk/ Eolite: small changes  
2693 3478d 00h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay: ffmpeg-0.11 + rewind  
2692 3478d 11h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/ libimg: bmp 24/32bpp encoding  
2691 3478d 17h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/ libimg:
img.flip.layer fix for images of scanline width less than 4 bytes
bmp: check for more InfoHeader types
2690 3478d 17h leency /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/data/ tinypad: menu sysfunctions bug fixed (bug #19)  
2689 3478d 20h sourcerer /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ DOCPACK: removed unnecessary file (bug #16)  
2688 3478d 20h leency /programs/fs/kfm/trunk/ kfm: bug fixed  
2687 3478d 20h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul 1.1: shows notify with instructions, while opening program  
2685 3479d 12h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/.test/003/ libs-dev: libimg encode example  
2684 3479d 12h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/ libimg: encode API; pnm (pbm, pgm, ppm) encoding in raw mode  
2683 3479d 12h leency /programs/games/arcanii/trunk/ arcanii: window title corrected  

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