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8673 10h 43m Coldy /programs/develop/libraries/dll/ For DLL autoload  
8672 11h 14m Coldy /programs/develop/libraries/dll/ For DLL autoload  
8667 11d 09h dunkaist /programs/demos/ Remove empty dirs.  
8666 13d 20h dunkaist / Upload View3ds 0.72 by macgub.  
8662 15d 22h turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL:
- Added pkill command
8658 16d 23h dunkaist /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ Remove more leftover files (trigger autobuild).  
8657 17d 00h dunkaist /programs/develop/asciivju/trunk/ Remove leftover files (trigger autobuild).  
8639 42d 05h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ clink: Remove unuseful binary file  
8638 42d 07h Kenshin /programs/system/shell/ Shell: docs are updated  
8637 42d 07h Kenshin /programs/system/shell/ SHELL: now suports sc_ping & sc_pid functions  
8634 44d 12h turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL:
- Added new SC_PING api
- Renamed from SC_GET_PID to SC_PID
8633 44d 23h turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL:
- Added new API: SC_GET_PID
- Fixed data type pid - unsigned int.
- Fixed cmd_ps output pid;
8626 46d 00h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/lib/ ktcc:
- deleted libc.obj loader
8621 46d 23h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/lib/libc.obj/ libc.obj.a(ktcc) :
- Added makefile
- Added mklib tools
- Fixed build
8620 47d 03h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Return zero (success)  
8618 48d 05h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Fill BSS section by zeroes  
8617 51d 02h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ minizip: Use zlib as dynamic lib (smaller program's size)  
8616 51d 04h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ Fix build and smaller size (-Os)  
8615 51d 05h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ Add minizip and miniunz  
8614 51d 05h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ Upload minizip ( unzipper port  

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