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8277 5h 05m leency /programs/cmm/sysmon/ SYSMON 1.3: better UI, added Rus translation  
8276 7h 06m leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite: remove folder sizes for /kolibrios (bug)  
8274 8h 45m superturbocat2001 /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/ Disabled static linking when building Linux version of TCC.  
8273 9h 59m superturbocat2001 /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/source/ Fixed Makefile.kos32 in TCC (New path to ld script)  
8272 10h 24m superturbocat2001 /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/ - Added compress target to Makefile.linux32 (Uses UPX)
- Fixed TCC for linux bug: does not find library and headers as well as start.o
- Updated kos32-tcc
8271 12h 37m IgorA /programs/ animage use ColorDialog  
8262 1d 15h IgorA /programs/ t_edit: fix open null file  
8261 1d 16h leency / Appearance: added sorting to the list  
8256 2d 06h leency / Various small fixes  
8255 2d 07h IgorA /programs/ heed: fix open & edit null file  
8253 3d 03h leency /programs/demos/tinyfrac/trunk/ tinyfrac: general refactoring, use scancodes  
8252 4d 14h IgorA / life2: use open dialog, big font in caption  
8251 4d 14h superturbocat2001 /programs/ - Added TEAtool source files
- Compressed kos32-tcc
- Changed the paths of the output files in
8250 4d 15h superturbocat2001 /programs/ - Fixed ktcc build for linux
- Added Makefile.linux32
- Added TEAtool and fixed console title
- Fixed crash of THashView
8245 5d 11h IgorA /programs/bcc32/ add example open dialog  
8241 5d 13h leency / Now user will never lose kolibri.lbl because it is moved to ISO/kolibrios/res/system/ folder  
8240 5d 16h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/ Eolite: better left panel for dark skins  
8237 6d 16h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/buf2d/trunk/examples/ fix rev 8236  
8236 6d 16h IgorA /programs/ 1) some programs use new macros load_lib.mac
2) bcc32 add example use libimg.obj
8234 7d 14h leency /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/bin/lib/ rename libmelibc.a_ into libmelibc.a  

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