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5015 2160d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Cleanup/small refactor of some internal network functions.  
5013 2163d 23h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Moved TCP slow timer handler to separate thread, to avoid possible deadlocks.  
5001 2176d 17h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Disabled experimental PPPoE and IPv6 support by default.  
5000 2176d 17h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/network/ fix kernel crash when TCP input queue is full  
4976 2208d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ IPv4: accept all destination addresses when we dont have one yet.  
4959 2226d 09h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Increased the max socket buffer size from 32k to 256k, for better network throughput on slower links.  
4892 2260d 15h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fixed some debug output in ICMP_input procedure.  
4850 2267d 11h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Added the tag "Revision: XXXX" in some kernel files, to form the right number of revision at boot (blue boot screen).  
4574 2325d 13h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fixed stack corruption on SOCKET_num_to_ptr error.  
4535 2347d 22h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Bugfix for SOCKET_alloc.  
4528 2349d 19h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ More bugfixes for SOCKET_notify.  
4527 2349d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Bugfix in SOCKET_notify.  
4520 2351d 18h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Bugfix in SOCKET_block  
4511 2352d 17h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Bugfix for #4510  
4510 2352d 18h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Make network queue spinlock protected instead of mutex-protected or worse: a combination of both..  
4436 2365d 00h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Disabled socket cleanup after process ends (until deadlock is fixed..)  
4388 2386d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Disabled verbose network debug output.  
4387 2386d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fixed typo in  
4366 2390d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ TCP: correctly close connection.  
4365 2390d 14h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Bugfix in SOCKET_close for TCP  

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