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750 4433d 20h victor /kernel/trunk/ Placed copyright and properties "svn: keywords Rev"  
748 4433d 22h heavyiron / *Remove unneeded and

*Remove 18.1 and 18.9.1 functions (sinse 465 revision they doesn't work), so CPU now use END application for reboot
NOTE: file ROSE.TXT don't used in kernel now and can be deleted from image

*New END application form Leency & Veliant
742 4435d 14h Rus /kernel/trunk/ deleted cross order of registers in functions 41,42
some optimizations of them

*because revision 741 is broken, I tested it on revision 724
740 4437d 11h serge /kernel/trunk/ PE loader: error checking  
725 4442d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * hd_read doesn't add sector to cache if read error has occured
* hd read errors at boot do not hang up system
712 4445d 22h serge /kernel/trunk/ AZ hotfix: memory for unpack
pages for V86, access to own page tables
709 4448d 12h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * V86 manager
* support of drives visible by BIOS through V86 mode
* shutdown fixes
* background redraw fixes
* when booting from CD/DVD, load all floppy by tracks, not only used sectors
684 4497d 16h diamond /kernel/trunk/ deleting cross registers in system calls, part 2  
681 4501d 09h diamond /kernel/trunk/ shutdown code now correctly handles >128 Kb file kernel.mnt  
671 4532d 04h Ghost /kernel/trunk/ initial deleting cross regisres in system calls  
665 4550d 16h diamond / * new system function for "send message"
* @panel: Alt+F4 sends close message rather than immediate kill
655 4557d 11h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 47 - output of qword (64-bites) number  
653 4558d 20h diamond /kernel/trunk/ added bootlog message if first app cannot be loaded  
652 4559d 06h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 47 - output of number without empty zero in high bits  
641 4582d 06h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Kernel updated to  
621 4600d 06h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 18/19/5 - emulation mouse button.  
618 4603d 07h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Processing event: press real button - eject tray ATAPI device.  
608 4614d 05h alver /kernel/trunk/  
593 4640d 13h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
591 4641d 07h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Fix for syscall_cdaudio (unable to compile kernel)  

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