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88 5369d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: deleted 58.12,13,14; fixed small bug in  
83 5390d 22h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system additions: create/rewrite files with long names  
74 5421d 16h mario79 /kernel/trunk/fs/ Elimination of hangup after the expiration hd_wait_timeou  
73 5423d 23h diamond /kernel/trunk/ correction of previous revision  
72 5423d 23h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: LFN read 58.0x100 moved to 70.0  
71 5426d 15h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: read files with long names (LFN)  
64 5456d 10h mario79 /kernel/trunk/fs/ Fix 58 functions LBA read, was earlier read only IDE0 the hard disk, now are read all.  
63 5460d 17h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ Kernel now waits only 5 seconds in order to deliver message to debugger. Fixed hd reservation and release. Changes from diamond.  
61 5461d 19h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ Return value of 58 function is corrected. optimized. Changes from diamond.  
40 5515d 16h halyavin /kernel/trunk/ *Reduced size of boot code. (diamond)
*Debug API added. (diamond)
2 5626d 01h msu-se / moving to kernel directory  
1 5626d 11h ha /trunk/ Kolibri 5 initial checkout