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6842 1265d 12h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ fix for ide_querymedia  
6464 1440d 21h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ sysfunction 70 cleaning  
5852 1723d 09h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ LBA28 support  
5363 2008d 12h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5030 2157d 21h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/detect/ don't try to detect CD if controller doesn't respond to device select  
4772 2286d 11h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for IDE devices:
1) Restore broken HD load for ramdisk image
2) Check of support UDMA mode for disk devices before initialization channel of IDE controller
4700 2295d 12h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Kernel supports up to three IDE controllers, and all the devices connected to them  
4641 2310d 01h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Removal of obsolete functions 18.11.2. Reduce the DRIVE_DATA area, because the data above 10 bytes is not used.  
4624 2313d 08h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ IDE DMA
1) No more 16-bit code, all the code in 32-bit mode
2) Expansion of the data output about modes of IDE devices
3881 2502d 11h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ HDD IDE DMA handler - remove the interrupt flag  
3785 2557d 08h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Additional check for IDE controllers  
3711 2569d 09h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ style fixes, no binary changes (style checker was sick for some time)  
3706 2570d 06h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ PIO LBA48 write for HDD  
3702 2571d 05h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) SATA IDE support for HDD and ATAPI
2) PIO LBA48 read for HDD
3539 2599d 10h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ recode all kernel sources to UTF-8; binary still uses single-byte encoding and isn't changed at all  
2455 3039d 15h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) Correcting information about copiright
2) VESA draw the small speedup
2288 3190d 11h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ Style corrected for new rules, no semantic changes  
1276 3884d 06h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ I'm not sure what all my change is right.
Some optimization.
593 4730d 18h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
431 4853d 20h serge /kernel/trunk/ copyrights  

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