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1106 4054d 14h diamond / Loading COM mouse driver is moved from the kernel to application  
1055 4123d 15h Galkov /kernel/trunk/ refractoring of EVENT, and so on  
1038 4159d 22h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * commented redundant messages for window moving and process creating
* added CPU frequency output in boot log
1018 4180d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Kernel updated to  
983 4213d 13h diamond /kernel/trunk/ some cosmetic fixes  
940 4241d 15h serge /kernel/trunk/ shmem_open()  
916 4262d 04h serge /kernel/trunk/ fix load_library  
907 4267d 09h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Network stack: dynamic sockets list, other small fixes  
802 4415d 22h serge /kernel/trunk/ from Nable: Sound Blaster driver  
769 4503d 14h Rus /kernel/trunk/ Com mouse cod moved to driver.
Begin of reorganization interrupts handlers Part 1.
Some dead code deleted.
767 4514d 21h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Restored text "All set - press ESC to start" because it is useful for debugging (when one needs to view log)  
764 4516d 03h Rus /kernel/trunk/ Deleted unnecessary text "All set - press ESC to start" and accompanying code. I hope it's really unnecessary.)  
754 4523d 21h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ fixed bug in module  
753 4523d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/ supported videomodes  
750 4527d 03h victor /kernel/trunk/ Placed copyright and properties "svn: keywords Rev"  
709 4541d 18h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * V86 manager
* support of drives visible by BIOS through V86 mode
* shutdown fixes
* background redraw fixes
* when booting from CD/DVD, load all floppy by tracks, not only used sectors
653 4652d 03h diamond /kernel/trunk/ added bootlog message if first app cannot be loaded  
630 4678d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/ support for new ATI chips  
593 4733d 20h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
586 4737d 16h serge /kernel/trunk/ From Ghost: calls to PCIBIOS services  

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