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7132 1210d 19h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Update BOOT_DATA structure and use it instead of all the BOOT_* vars.  
6721 1606d 03h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ don't set_mtrr if only fixed MTRRs exist; fixes triple fault in VirtualBox on some CPUs  
6663 1619d 07h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ revert r6629: failed mtrr configuration can lead to terrible performance, it must be as visible as possible  
5363 2284d 01h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5360 2285d 22h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: enable write combined memory type  
5356 2286d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: update PTE bits  
5351 2287d 03h serge / kernel: combine display related data in one structure  
5130 2396d 13h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: kolibri-process merged into trunk. This is my little gift to myself for my birthday.  
4619 2591d 10h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ r4619  
4608 2594d 07h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ reconfigure MTRRs after BIOS, enable write-combining framebuffer in more configurations  
4424 2655d 01h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: minor optimizations  
4418 2658d 10h clevermouse / separate USB host controller code into external drivers  
3786 2832d 08h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ kernel:f68.27 load_file_umode  
3732 2842d 13h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: removed unnecessary duplication of BOOT_VAR  
3539 2874d 23h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ recode all kernel sources to UTF-8; binary still uses single-byte encoding and isn't changed at all  
3534 2875d 12h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ priorities in scheduler  
3486 2904d 08h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: cleanup  
3166 3008d 11h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ get_pg_addr now correctly handles the kernel large page  
2647 3271d 23h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.1345  
2595 3288d 06h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ new_mem_resize hotfix  
2594 3288d 08h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ rewritten new_mem_resize  
2466 3313d 08h Serge /kernel/trunk/ merge acpi  
2455 3315d 04h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) Correcting information about copiright
2) VESA draw the small speedup
2414 3329d 12h Serge /kernel/trunk/ fn.40: ebx bit 30 - do not send mouse events if cursor outside window  
2400 3332d 23h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ new 68.26 user_unmap(void* block_base, unsigned int offset, size_t unmap_size);  
2398 3333d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/core/ Decrease size of shadow buffer for VGA. The old size is 2-fold excess of actual need.  
2288 3465d 23h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ Style corrected for new rules, no semantic changes  
2218 3489d 12h Serge /kernel/trunk/ merge acpi #2217  
2129 3514d 10h serge /kernel/trunk/ irq: reset fail counter
all kernel: replace old non-blocking mutexes
1739 3736d 07h clevermouse / change path to repository in data/*/Makefile  
1629 3847d 22h serge /kernel/trunk/ f62/pci_api: and again  
1517 3923d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/ reverted wrong files from the prev revision  
1496 3952d 03h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ 55 and 60 system functions have call without shift registers.  
1461 3991d 03h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ changes in free memory checks from Maxis (bug #9)  
1366 4111d 04h Lrz /kernel/trunk/core/ bugfix. jmp to sys_sheduler  
1345 4116d 15h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ sys function 68 is without shift registers call  
1316 4136d 21h serge / kms kernel  
1314 4137d 21h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * fixed copy-on-write for kernel accesses from other threads
* fixed return value of read/write_process_memory
* fixed sysfunction 39.4 broken in rev. 1304
* more safe and slightly more effective FDO
1311 4140d 21h diamond /kernel/trunk/ make dll a per-process object  
1300 4148d 07h serge /kernel/trunk/ kms: pre rc8