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7136 1372d 08h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Replace 'equ' macros with '=' ones.

They appear in symbols file.
They don't require parentheses.
They are shorter.
6974 1469d 23h 0CodErr /kernel/trunk/ remove unnecessary check  
6893 1593d 03h pathoswithin /kernel/trunk/ no need for manual heap initialization (68.11)  
5363 2448d 13h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5359 2450d 17h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: total globalization  
5356 2450d 19h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: update PTE bits  
5130 2561d 02h serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: kolibri-process merged into trunk. This is my little gift to myself for my birthday.  
4424 2819d 14h Serge /kernel/trunk/ kernel: minor optimizations  
4391 2832d 16h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ KernelAlloc/KernelFree are called from IRQ handlers in network drivers, so make them spinlock-protected instead of mutex-protected  
3798 2996d 00h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ kernel: fix user_unmap  
3371 3115d 00h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ fix insignificant misprint  
3246 3138d 21h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ Fix indention. Why don't we use 12 spaces ?  
2455 3479d 17h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) Correcting information about copiright
2) VESA draw the small speedup
2412 3495d 01h Serge /kernel/trunk/ change application heap size and shared dll locations  
2400 3497d 12h Serge /kernel/trunk/core/ new 68.26 user_unmap(void* block_base, unsigned int offset, size_t unmap_size);  
2384 3498d 15h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/ Adapted more structures to use new  
2288 3630d 12h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ Style corrected for new rules, no semantic changes  
2167 3664d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge kolibri_acpi #2156  
2164 3667d 12h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ heap: fix memory leakage  
2154 3670d 17h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge kolibri-acpi #2151  

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