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9848 167 d 16 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] Use specific cursors for window borders  
9831 185 d 16 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Rename fields in SYSCALL_STACK struct: _eax -> eax, etc  
9715 298 d 13 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ small update copyright year in kernel  
9710 301 d 13 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ delete APPDATA.mem_start  
9709 301 d 14 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ delete TASKDATA  
9608 331 d 14 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ add APPDATA.wnd_number  
9227 402 d 5 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ uefi64kos: Detect last PCI bus, use fastcall macro.

* Detect last PCI bus via PCI Root Bridge IO protocol (uefi64kos only).
* fastcall macro by Tomasz is much cleaner than eficall from osdev board.
9038 517 d 11 h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TASKMAN] Add prefixes to named constants  
9036 517 d 12 h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TASKMAN] Use named constants instead of magic numbers  
8874 537 d 22 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] #4 Preparing to merge legacy TASKDATA into APPDATA:
- use thread state constants instead of hardcoded values
- other small style fixes
8869 538 d 21 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] #3 Preparing to merge legacy TASKDATA into APPDATA:
- get rid of CURRENT_TASK
- to APPDATA added new fields which will be used instead of TASKDATA's
- other small fixes
8867 539 d 17 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] #2 Preparing to merge legacy TASKDATA into APPDATA:
- rename event_mask in APPDATA to occured_events, cause TASKDATA already has event_mask and they have different meaning and usage
- small fixes
8866 539 d 21 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] Preparing to merge legacy TASKDATA into APPDATA:
- now doesnt use TASK_COUNT, now uses [thread_count] global instead of it
- update come copyrights
8858 540 d 14 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] Refactoring:
- optimize struct zeroing in
- set_app_param: delete setting completely unused APPDATA.event_filter (also make this field reserved)
- update some copyringhs
- other small fixes
8851 541 d 19 h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ refactoring pid_to_slot:
- use constants instead of hardcoded values
- add more comments
8217 750 d 9 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Use e820entry macro instead of hardcoded values.  
8115 777 d 11 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Remove unused macro and fix a comment.  
8111 777 d 16 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: Split and from

Also, replace some hardcoded constants with macros.
8093 787 d 4 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Assert sizeof.APPDATA=256, use it instead of hardcoded 256 value.  
8092 793 d 3 h dunkaist / uefi4kos: Read config and kernel files from the disk.

* Now there is a config file with boot options, example included.
* Config, kernel and ramdisk are loaded from the disk, not compiled in.
* DEVICES.DAT file is also optionally loaded from the disk.
* Also, move the loader to /kernel/trunk/bootloader/uefi4kos.

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