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9253 394 d 13 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/bootloader/uefi4kos/ uefi64kos: Fix stack alignment on function calls.

It is a formal requirement of UEFI spec that the stack is to be aligned
on 16 bytes on all calls to service routines. I changed eficall macro to
fstcall one in my previous commit. Due to differences in macro logic
that change broke UEFI boot on some platforms that do care about stack
alignment. This commit should fix the issue.
9227 398 d 13 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ uefi64kos: Detect last PCI bus, use fastcall macro.

* Detect last PCI bus via PCI Root Bridge IO protocol (uefi64kos only).
* fastcall macro by Tomasz is much cleaner than eficall from osdev board.
8150 757 d 21 h dunkaist / Add basic 32-bit UEFI loader.