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7215 905d 05h theonlymirage /kernel/trunk/bootloader/ –°lear direction flag for Phoenix BIOS (for correct printing of messages in real mode).  
7136 1008d 11h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Replace 'equ' macros with '=' ones.

They appear in symbols file.
They don't require parentheses.
They are shorter.
5363 2084d 16h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5098 2202d 20h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4851 2350d 14h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix r.4850  
4850 2350d 14h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Added the tag "Revision: XXXX" in some kernel files, to form the right number of revision at boot (blue boot screen).  
4441 2445d 08h Serge /kernel/trunk/bootloader/ grub4kos: print panic messages  
4440 2447d 06h Serge /kernel/trunk/bootloader/ grub4kos: works fine, at least in VMware and Bochs  
3598 2668d 00h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ make macro for push imm/pop dst  
3539 2675d 13h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ recode all kernel sources to UTF-8; binary still uses single-byte encoding and isn't changed at all  
3274 2765d 17h esevece /kernel/trunk/ Spanish translation (boot and kernel). Fix in makefile. Change name of to  
2455 3115d 19h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) Correcting information about copiright
2) VESA draw the small speedup
2288 3266d 14h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ Style corrected for new rules, no semantic changes  
1962 3386d 19h clevermouse /kernel/ merge kolibri-cfg into trunk  
1738 3536d 23h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/bootloader/ fix parameters saving in floppy bootsector  
796 4530d 16h shurf /kernel/trunk/bootloader/ Added floppy FAT12 boot sector (kernel bootloader)