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437 4818d 19h diamond / * bootcode: revision string is now calculated at compile-time
* do not add '@' to thread names
* @panel: do not draw undefined (zero-sized) windows
* corrected folder creation
431 4821d 17h serge /kernel/trunk/ copyrights  
425 4826d 06h victor /kernel/trunk/ added computing of current #revision for kernel *.inc and *.asm files  
399 4840d 11h diamond /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ FAT code now ignores volume label  
381 4846d 09h serge /kernel/trunk/ replace all vars whith symbolic constants  
335 4865d 18h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Fixed creation of files with empty names when writing to '/path/'  
321 4870d 15h diamond / * New sysfunction 70.9, create folder
* Deleted obsolete 58.4 (create folder 8.3 on hd)
* Updated docs
* Bugfixes (file system; core; direct screen access), improvements (sysfn 70.3)
* KFar 0.21, full error handling, folder creation (with new kernel)
247 4913d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/ fix stack error in fs_exec  
171 4989d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: added function 70.8 - delete file/folder  
133 5038d 16h diamond / File system: new function 70.4 to set file size
Graphics: fixed error when putimage and drawrect do not draw pixels
on right and bottom window sides
Processes: fixed kernel fault when program to load is too big
Programs: EYES: now it works with new kernel (rev. 130). Size optimization.
Blinking deleted.
131 5041d 16h diamond / File system: new function 70.3 for write to the existing file

@panel: to match K0581 distro: SYSMETER -> GMON
@numcalc: moved to the appropriate place in repository
HeEd: added english variant
NetSendC, NetSendS: added english variant + optimization
pic4: changes in set background + optimization
tetris, @rcher, board, sysxtree, vrr: new versions from K0581 distro
bgitest: fixed small error + ability to set language via
c4: small correction in label height to match K0581 distro
91 5094d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ 1. Execution of files with long names (function 70.7).
2. Function 70 now supports folders on ramdisk.
88 5100d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: deleted 58.12,13,14; fixed small bug in  
86 5105d 16h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system addition: get/set file/folder attributes  
83 5121d 22h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system additions: create/rewrite files with long names  
78 5139d 16h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Function 70.1 now supports ANSI+UNICODE. Flag CF in function 49 corrected.  
77 5141d 15h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Some corrections in new file system functions. Added sysfuncr.txt docs.  
75 5146d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: read folders with long names and in new standard
System functions: many small corrections
71 5157d 15h diamond /kernel/trunk/ File system: read files with long names (LFN)  
48 5224d 22h halyavin /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ small bug in ramdrive save function  

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