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4893 2226d 00h Serge / kernel: fn69.1 - get simd context
mtdbg: display contents of mmx registers
4892 2226d 06h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fixed some debug output in ICMP_input procedure.  
4891 2226d 07h shikhin /kernel/trunk/fs/ext2/ ext2 license change to GPL.  
4851 2233d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix r.4850  
4850 2233d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Added the tag "Revision: XXXX" in some kernel files, to form the right number of revision at boot (blue boot screen).  
4841 2235d 05h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/detect/ force legacy IDE ports if specified by class code  
4839 2235d 11h mario79 /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ Additional fix to r.4838  
4838 2235d 13h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for IDE controller. Some weird controllers generate an interrupt even if IDE interrupts are disabled and no IDE devices. For example, notebook ASUS K72F - IDE controller 010185 generates false interrupt when we work with the IDE controller 01018f. For this reason, the interrupt handler does not need to be installed if both channel IDE controller running in PIO mode.  
4797 2242d 15h Akyltist /kernel/trunk/gui/ mini refactoring  
4796 2242d 16h Akyltist /kernel/trunk/gui/ fix kernel function 48.2 48.3 (set EDX max size = 192 byte)  
4793 2243d 00h yogev_ezra /kernel/trunk/ MTRR: new @notify support  
4783 2244d 10h eAndrew /kernel/trunk/video/ old cursors  
4782 2244d 11h eAndrew /kernel/trunk/video/ new cursors  
4779 2244d 13h Akyltist /kernel/trunk/gui/ skin: hotfix new system color table  
4778 2244d 13h Akyltist /kernel/trunk/gui/ skin: supported new system color table  
4772 2245d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for IDE devices:
1) Restore broken HD load for ramdisk image
2) Check of support UDMA mode for disk devices before initialization channel of IDE controller
4741 2247d 05h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/ set up serial debug console before first print to the debug board (if enabled)  
4734 2248d 03h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.4700 - fix proc check_ATAPI_device_event  
4720 2251d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.4700  
4713 2253d 03h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Empty commit, blyat!  

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