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204 4783d 18h heavyiron /kernel/tags/kolibri0.6.3.0/ Tag for Kolibri0.6.3.0  
203 4783d 18h serge /kernel/trunk/ fixed: 1)uncleared fpu exceptions in fpu_save
2)fpu context lose in terminate
202 4783d 22h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Kernel updated to  
201 4784d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ fixed performance down in video modes 0 and 9.  
200 4786d 23h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Fixed bug with function 47 introduced in rev. 194  
198 4787d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/ 1)unisound.asm - added all known NV controllers
2)DLL loader
194 4790d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Now memory amount is printed in bootlog  
193 4791d 00h diamond / * COPY2 rewritten to function 70 by Mario79.
* Updated english documentation.
192 4791d 18h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ fixed error in kernel_alloc_space  
191 4792d 00h Ghost /kernel/trunk/boot/ APM GDT limit fix 2  
189 4792d 03h Ghost /kernel/trunk/boot/ APM GDT limit fix  
188 4795d 00h serge /kernel/trunk/ drivers loader
2.changes in 68.11 init_heap
187 4795d 06h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Corrections in DMA code from Mario79  
186 4797d 03h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Final attempt to fix border drawing  
185 4797d 05h heavyiron /kernel/trunk/docs/ Reverted back my corrections to 4th function in docs because it was a mistake  
183 4799d 02h diamond / Kernel: support for kernel packer
kfar: updated to 0.14 (warning when deleting)
181 4803d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/gui/ Corrected border drawing code.  
180 4803d 15h heavyiron / *fixed info for 4th function in documentation
*added animage and kfar
*renamed docpak (to docpack)
*chess fixed by Yellow to use 70th function
*docpack, tetris, jpegview, trantest, desktop uses system colors, new functions of window drawing now
*removed old rd2hd and rd2fd
173 4805d 09h serge /kernel/trunk/docs/ Removed file/folder  
172 4805d 09h serge /kernel/trunk/ 1)fixed applications iopl level 2)fixed #PF exceptions handler
3)changed sysfuncr.txt fn. 18.20, 64.1, 68.11, 68.16

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