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1196 3833d 19h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ compile netcfg on unix
fixed bug in netcfg created in last revision
netcfg gives error msg when driver is not loaded
zeroconfig now works with latest version of libini
also fixed use of static and link-local ip in zeroconfig
initial IPv4 variables are now instead of
created kernel function that shows number of active network devices
fixed the use of temp mac variable in (variable is now in stack)
rewrite of ARP code, needs full testing/debugging (new application needed: ARP manager)
port numbers are now in INET byte order, as is in posix standards
1193 3836d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ Fix of previous commit  
1192 3836d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Fixes in netstat/zeroconf
update of netcfg
1187 3840d 19h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ small optimisation and cleanup of
last in series of attempts to make kernel compile on unix
1185 3840d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ More fixes to make net brach compile on unix
+ some general bugfixes and updates
1171 3846d 23h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Small fix in RTL8139 driver regarding stats

Fixes and updates in stack for function 75
+ some other small fixes

Netstat program

Deleting of some unrelated files

Coming up next: fixes and updates in ARP code
1161 3852d 03h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/ Moving the files...  
1159 3852d 04h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/ New branch - network experimental code  

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