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3231 2702d 00h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Added PCI ID's for ADMtek N100 to DEC21x4x driver.  
3229 2703d 15h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ Forgot to set the PID in previous revision.  
3228 2703d 16h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ New function Socket_pair for UNIX (IPC) sockets.  
3226 2704d 14h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Now IRCc will print messages to the correct window instead of just using the one that is opened.  
3222 2705d 10h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Better NICK command support, support for channels with many users.  
3220 2705d 12h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Some more updates for userlist in IRCC.  
3216 2706d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Some GUI updates for IRCC.  
3215 2707d 14h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Fixed some more servercommands, made scrollbar for userlist functional.  
3214 2707d 18h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Fixed JOIN and PRIVMSG commands for IRCc.  
3212 2707d 18h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ircc/ Fixed bug in IRCC's serverparser.  
3211 2708d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Sceletone for a BCM57xx driver. Only for the brave!  
3206 2708d 19h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Updated i8255x driver. Works but has some holes, uses only one receive descriptor. Use with caution.  
3205 2708d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Updated PCI macros for network drivers.  
3203 2711d 20h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ ARP will now wait for reply/timeout if it needed to send an ARP request packet.  
3201 2712d 13h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Some refactoring of DEC21x4x driver.  
3200 2712d 13h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Updated API so applications can easily send ARP announcements, keep track of ARP conflicts.
Zeroconfig now supports padding option and sends ARP announcements if needed. Also some refactoring/cleanup.
3199 2714d 16h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/bus/ Fixed some PCI function macros for network cards.
(Now PCnet32 driver works again in VmWare)
3198 2715d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Refactored PCnet driver. Omitted unnecessary copying of data.  
3197 2715d 17h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Bugfix in PCnet driver.  
3193 2717d 17h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Changed working title of network branch in kernel.asm.  

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