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2971 2625d 07h Serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ kolibri_pe: the latest 32-bit version  
837 4124d 22h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ use e820 smap  
800 4182d 14h diamond /kernel/trunk/fs/ normal work with CD: bugfix of revision 758  
758 4278d 05h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Support of last session for ISO9660.  
628 4440d 09h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ ATAPI:
1) Fix - sectors read with errors now are not brought in the cache.
2) Timeout at absence of the disk in ATAPI drive is reduced about 10 seconds without lowering reliability of reading at presence of the disk. Earlier time the waiting could make 1-1.5 minutes.
593 4491d 15h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
588 4492d 17h diamond / Load/eject CD/DVD device tray moved from sysfn 70 to sysfn 24 (see sysfunc*),
because these actions do not involve file system.
585 4496d 08h mario79 / The universal cache of IDE devices.
Step 2:
1) Realized cache ATAPI device (CD\DVD).
2) Lock\Unlock ATAPI device for working with cache.
3) Eject (F70/10) and Load (F70/11) tray of ATAPI device.
4) Application CD_tray for control of tray ATAPI device.
536 4541d 15h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Kernel updated to  
533 4544d 19h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Fixed work with CD broken in svn.521  
521 4555d 18h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * efficient handling of file names substitution
* current directory support; new sysfunction 30
* fixed bug in load_file with files of size divisible by page size
465 4591d 22h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge flat kernel  
431 4614d 17h serge /kernel/trunk/ copyrights  
425 4619d 06h victor /kernel/trunk/ added computing of current #revision for kernel *.inc and *.asm files  
379 4640d 20h serge /kernel/trunk/ 1)fixed wrong exported LFB address
2)replace 0x3000 0x3004 0x3010 0x3020 whith symbolic constants
364 4649d 14h diamond /kernel/trunk/ ISO9660 bugfixes  
154 4802d 16h diamond / File subsystem: fixed function 70.0 for CD
Window subsystem: now minimized windows are not activated when program terminates
@RB: now it ignores minimized windows
CMD: version from K0600 distro (modified to use fn 70.7 instead of 19) +
redraw does not change window border
150 4803d 17h diamond /kernel/ File subsystem: fixed error in function 70.5 for CD
Window subsystem: now when window coordinates are changed,
client area is changed too
115 4846d 18h poddubny /kernel/trunk/ Introduced APPDATA, TASKDATA, WNDDATA, RECT, BOX structures.  
99 4870d 08h mario79 /kernel/trunk/fs/ Small fix for function 70 in, procedures of search of the file are corrected.  

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