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2971 2630d 10h Serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ kolibri_pe: the latest 32-bit version  
996 3956d 16h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ remove fixed memory variables  
928 4012d 19h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ move kernel vars into .bss  
908 4030d 01h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ link dll  
890 4035d 13h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ PE loader. Link kernel.mnt  
854 4113d 13h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ mixed compilation  
851 4117d 03h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ splitting kernel into sections  
849 4117d 23h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ PE kernel  
848 4118d 19h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ GRUB Now!!!  
847 4119d 16h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ multiboot kernel  
846 4119d 23h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ preparing for GRUB  
843 4121d 18h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ initial buddy allocator  
841 4128d 00h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ boot time allocator  
840 4128d 16h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ allocate memory for display_data  
837 4130d 02h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ use e820 smap  
802 4178d 20h serge /kernel/trunk/ from Nable: Sound Blaster driver  
769 4266d 12h Rus /kernel/trunk/ Com mouse cod moved to driver.
Begin of reorganization interrupts handlers Part 1.
Some dead code deleted.
767 4277d 19h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Restored text "All set - press ESC to start" because it is useful for debugging (when one needs to view log)  
764 4279d 01h Rus /kernel/trunk/ Deleted unnecessary text "All set - press ESC to start" and accompanying code. I hope it's really unnecessary.)  
754 4286d 19h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ fixed bug in module  

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