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3232 2909d 02h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ kolibri-acpi: update  
2987 3026d 17h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi: merge trank  
2465 3237d 23h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi: merge trunk  
2439 3244d 03h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ enumerate CPU's and start AP.  
2434 3245d 03h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ merge trunk  
1635 3769d 02h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi branch  
1316 4061d 11h serge / kms kernel  
1313 4063d 16h serge / kms: rc8  
983 4410d 14h diamond /kernel/trunk/ some cosmetic fixes  
819 4587d 15h serge /kernel/trunk/ 1) unmap_pages
2) code cleanup
802 4612d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/ from Nable: Sound Blaster driver  
786 4678d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/video/ fix cursors in EGA/VGA modes  
753 4720d 23h serge /kernel/trunk/ supported videomodes  
673 4819d 03h serge /kernel/trunk/ vesa 1.2 fixup  
662 4845d 15h serge /kernel/trunk/ yet another stdcall fix  
641 4872d 15h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Kernel updated to  
638 4875d 01h serge /kernel/trunk/video/ fix software cursor code  
593 4930d 22h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
465 5031d 05h serge /kernel/trunk/ merge flat kernel  
425 5058d 13h victor /kernel/trunk/ added computing of current #revision for kernel *.inc and *.asm files  

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