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6078 1591d 20h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ kolibri-acpi: update  
5984 1623d 09h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ kolibri-acpi: update  
5565 1822d 23h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ update  
5201 2005d 15h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi: update  
3908 2448d 00h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi:merge trunk  
3626 2546d 06h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi:update  
2465 2996d 06h Serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi: merge trunk  
1635 3527d 09h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi branch  
1517 3606d 01h diamond /kernel/trunk/ reverted wrong files from the prev revision  
1504 3626d 20h diamond /kernel/trunk/ fix processing of cyrillic letter yo in file systems  
1400 3761d 04h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/fs/ ext2. return correct date/time  
1379 3778d 03h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ small fix  
1378 3778d 03h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ ext2fs support. read only  
983 4168d 21h diamond /kernel/trunk/ some cosmetic fixes  
820 4341d 05h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * more space for EBDA in V86
* some bugfixes in NTFS support
593 4689d 05h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Revision numbering fix  
521 4753d 07h diamond /kernel/trunk/ * efficient handling of file names substitution
* current directory support; new sysfunction 30
* fixed bug in load_file with files of size divisible by page size
509 4759d 05h diamond /kernel/trunk/ more correct handling of bx_from_load var  
467 4787d 15h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ Updated makefile to match build.bat (build with e.g. 'make all lang=en')
Made small synt/func corrections in build.bat
431 4812d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/ copyrights  

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