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2050 3250d 08h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ new irq handling  
2049 3250d 23h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ IRQH code  
2015 3273d 12h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ fix pci irq's  
2010 3275d 01h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ merge trunk  
1638 3568d 22h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ APIC patch from Ghost. Not tested.  
1635 3569d 10h serge /kernel/branches/Kolibri-acpi/ acpi branch  
1379 3820d 03h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ small fix  
1378 3820d 04h turbanoff /kernel/trunk/ ext2fs support. read only  
1370 3835d 05h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ declare mmio_pci_addr in a proper place  
1360 3839d 11h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ constant definition corrected  
1358 3839d 19h art_zh / minor bugs fixed  
1354 3839d 20h diamond /kernel/trunk/ make mmio_pci_addr compile-time var, disable all the code by default  
1349 3841d 04h art_zh /kernel/trunk/ uMMIO address added  
1316 3861d 19h serge / kms kernel  
1300 3873d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/ kms: pre rc8  
1289 3876d 19h diamond /kernel/trunk/ dynamic libraries now share unmodified pages  
1276 3884d 17h Lrz /kernel/trunk/ I'm not sure what all my change is right.
Some optimization.
1275 3888d 08h serge / kms: pre rc7  
1220 3916d 00h serge /kernel/trunk/ menuet02 tls  
1107 4051d 02h diamond /kernel/trunk/ revert to static single-color background if memory allocation failed  

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