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859 4319d 10h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ 1) slab allocator
2) new kernel heap
858 4325d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/core/ Added CPU exception error messages.

more info about cpu exceptions:
857 4334d 12h diamond /kernel/trunk/video/ new cursor from Leency  
856 4335d 07h diamond /kernel/trunk/ bugfix in sysfn 67: avoid system crash for invalid parameter  
855 4340d 05h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ compact static kernel memory  
854 4347d 04h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ mixed compilation  
851 4350d 18h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ splitting kernel into sections  
850 4351d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/drivers/ from Nable: SB16 MASTERVOLUME  
849 4351d 15h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ PE kernel  
848 4352d 10h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ GRUB Now!!!  
847 4353d 08h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ multiboot kernel  
846 4353d 14h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ preparing for GRUB  
844 4355d 06h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ merged trunk 842  
843 4355d 09h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ initial buddy allocator  
842 4356d 07h diamond /kernel/trunk/ sysfunction 65: added 16-bit color  
841 4361d 15h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ boot time allocator  
840 4362d 08h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ allocate memory for display_data  
839 4362d 11h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ redesigned memory layout  
838 4363d 08h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ check for PSE and BIOS SMAP  
837 4363d 17h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ use e820 smap  

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