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7607 790d 20h leency /kernel/trunk/ update kernel build.bat  
7603 792d 08h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Check for Catalan language, fix 'ca' build.  
7601 792d 08h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: set syslang variable according to  
7598 792d 11h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix compilation with extended_primary_loader.  
7587 809d 10h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/docs/ Translate events_subsystem.txt into English.  
7586 809d 10h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Do not hardcode preboot timeout, use PREBOOT_TIMEOUT macro.  
7546 914d 11h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ Relax Protective MBR checks.  
7536 917d 12h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fix ICMP Echo reply, broken in #5522  
7535 917d 12h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/network/ Fix ARP Reply, broken in #5522  
7522 922d 08h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix kernel crash on high screen resolution.

Replace hardcoded numbers with macros, add runtime checks.
7510 924d 14h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/video/ Fix check_mouse_area_for_getpixel_new in 16BPP mode.  
7477 936d 12h leency / rforces: use newer version for autobuild  
7475 937d 12h leency / uPDF: working "open" button, update build script, start migration to kolibri.c from SHELL  
7474 937d 16h leency / kernel: fix regression r5164 which broke blitter in 24bpp mode  
7327 988d 19h pavelyakov / По решению администрации убрал функцию  
7325 988d 22h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Fixed error code and optimized function  
7323 990d 19h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Fixed error  
7322 990d 19h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Fix style  
7321 990d 19h pavelyakov / Added KERNEL process  
7320 990d 22h pavelyakov /kernel/trunk/core/ Added function checksum security  

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