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4720 2800d 19h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.4700  
4713 2802d 20h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Empty commit, blyat!  
4711 2802d 20h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix f.24 for r.4700  
4700 2803d 20h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Kernel supports up to three IDE controllers, and all the devices connected to them  
4695 2806d 02h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ small fix  
4694 2807d 17h yogev_ezra /kernel/trunk/boot/ Make the Grammar-Nazis happy  
4641 2818d 09h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Removal of obsolete functions 18.11.2. Reduce the DRIVE_DATA area, because the data above 10 bytes is not used.  
4625 2821d 16h mario79 /kernel/trunk/detect/ Fix for prev.rev.  
4624 2821d 16h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ IDE DMA
1) No more 16-bit code, all the code in 32-bit mode
2) Expansion of the data output about modes of IDE devices
4619 2824d 06h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ r4619  
4612 2826d 01h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r.4588  
4611 2826d 20h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Do not print the data from the BAR's if IDE controller is not found .  
4610 2827d 02h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/core/ add test data  
4608 2827d 03h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ reconfigure MTRRs after BIOS, enable write-combining framebuffer in more configurations  
4599 2831d 22h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/bus/pci/ r4599  
4598 2831d 23h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/drivers/usbhid/ Fix typing \ | symbols on some specific USB keyboards  
4593 2833d 21h clevermouse /kernel/trunk/ test_cpu: simplify & detect physical address width  
4592 2833d 22h hidnplayr /kernel/trunk/ Absolute mouse coordinates are now calculated inside kernel instead of driver(s).  
4588 2834d 15h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 2 (get the code of the pressed key) for AL = 0 in EAX bits 16-23 = contain scancode for pressed key  
4587 2837d 05h Serge /kernel/branches/kolibri-process/ kolibri-process: update  

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