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2563 3210d 07h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ Added CWD command to FTP daemon (net branch)  
2562 3210d 11h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ftpd/ Implemented Passive mode and LIST command in new FTP daemon (net branch)  
2561 3210d 12h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Rollback for SVN r.2468 - change_task not needed.  
2560 3210d 15h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ftpd/ Added some more commands to the new FTP Daemon (net branch)  
2557 3211d 04h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ftpd/ Further development of the new FTP daemon (net branch)  
2556 3211d 06h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/tcpserv/ Better text printing for TCPserv (net branch)  
2555 3211d 06h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ Fixed bug in TCP_input.listen, clarified some of the debug output (net branch)  
2554 3211d 08h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/ftpd/ added FTP daemon stub (net branch)  
2553 3211d 08h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/network/ Bugfix for ICMP sockets in net branch  
2547 3212d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 15.9 - Redraws a rectangular part of the background  
2545 3212d 05h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Fix for r. 2480  
2544 3212d 05h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/drivers/ Fixed bug in some network drivers. (net branch)  
2543 3212d 07h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/telnet/ Bugfix in telnet when connection cannot be made (net branch)  
2541 3212d 08h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Bugfix for Telnet and tcp socket close in net branch  
2540 3212d 09h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/ Sync net branch with trunk  
2539 3212d 12h hidnplayr /kernel/branches/net/applications/telnet/ Fixed Telnet for net branch.
Not the most elegant sollution but at least it works now!
2537 3213d 01h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Optimization f.15.8  
2536 3213d 02h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ Function 4 - added redirect the output to the user area.  
2534 3214d 04h mario79 /kernel/trunk/gui/ small optimization for get_event_for_app  
2525 3216d 01h mario79 /kernel/trunk/ 1) Fix for r. 2504
2) Corrected

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