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1036 4441d 11h diamond / mouse driver:
* removed from /kernel/trunk/drivers/ because
/drivers/mouse/ps2mouse4d/ is more recent
* removed unnecessary delays
1030 4445d 23h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ use BIOS settings (if it already configured) for MTRRs  
1025 4449d 12h diamond /kernel/trunk/ fix for IRQs from slave controller not working on some machines  
1024 4451d 09h serge /kernel/trunk/drivers/ fixed: synchronization issue  
1021 4456d 04h diamond /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ correct handling of '..' path on ramdisk  
1019 4456d 11h diamond /kernel/trunk/network/ added check of overflow in socket data buffer  
1018 4457d 17h diamond /kernel/trunk/ Kernel updated to  
996 4471d 07h serge /kernel/branches/kolibri_pe/ remove fixed memory variables  
994 4486d 14h diamond /kernel/trunk/gui/ bugfix in revision 986 + small optimization from Galkov  
991 4489d 06h leency /kernel/trunk/docs/ fixed bug in sysfuncr.txt and updated sysfuncs.txt  
986 4490d 05h diamond /kernel/trunk/gui/ redo of revision 970 considering revision 985  
985 4490d 06h heavyiron /kernel/trunk/gui/ Bugfix of 415 revision  
983 4491d 01h diamond /kernel/trunk/ some cosmetic fixes  
982 4491d 09h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ bugfix of revision 980  
980 4491d 09h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ allow IRQ6 to be redirected to V86 machine  
979 4492d 01h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ V86 manager allows to write to BIOS area  
978 4496d 06h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ pe export: alloc_pages, attach_int_handler  
973 4501d 11h diamond /kernel/trunk/ fixed return value for function 44  
972 4502d 04h ghost /kernel/trunk/core/ paranoia clean up  
971 4502d 09h diamond /kernel/trunk/core/ bugfix in V86 hypervisor  

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