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2361 3134d 05h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ render context and composite render  
2352 3136d 21h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ bitmap's synchronization  
2351 3139d 00h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ set irq handler & SB sna  
2344 3150d 22h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915 preview #4  
2342 3152d 04h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915 preview #3  
2340 3156d 04h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ blitter  
2338 3161d 07h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ beautiful world of hardware accelerated cursors.  
2330 3190d 16h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ init modesetting  
2326 3197d 17h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ setup chip  
2325 3198d 22h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ gen6 gtt initialization