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5367 2248d 19h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: 3.19-rc3  
5354 2253d 17h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: 3.19-rc2  
5351 2253d 18h serge / kernel: combine display related data in one structure  
5346 2254d 20h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: update  
5271 2262d 20h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: ati-3.19-rc1  
5179 2304d 01h serge /drivers/video/drm/radeon/ drm: ati-3.17.3  
5139 2358d 23h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: 3.17-rc6  
5128 2364d 02h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: 3.17-rc5  
5098 2368d 21h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
5097 2371d 18h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: 3.17-rc4  
5078 2380d 00h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm i915: 3.17-rc3  
5060 2386d 02h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm i915: 3.17-rc2  
5044 2392d 02h clevermouse / convert tmpdisk and ps2mouse to PE  
5039 2394d 01h clevermouse / support for stripped PE headers in drivers; declare COFF drivers deprecated  
4570 2582d 18h Serge /drivers/video/drm/vmwgfx/ vmwgfx: vmw alpha cursor  
4569 2583d 07h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ vmwgfx: 3.14-rc1  
4560 2587d 05h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: 3.14-rc1  
4557 2588d 15h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915: 3.12.9 fix tiling for Gen3 gpu's  
4539 2596d 16h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: 3.12.9  
4453 2609d 15h clevermouse / hardware cursors for RDC M2010/M2012  

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