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6102 1583d 13h serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
6082 1590d 14h serge /drivers/ ddk: 4.4  
5345 1971d 03h serge /drivers/ ddk: kernel rw locks  
5270 1979d 03h serge /drivers/ ddk: 3.19-rc1  
4559 2303d 12h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk: 3.14-rc1 includes  
4370 2354d 12h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk:update to 3.12.5  
3480 2590d 22h Serge /drivers/ i915-v3.9-rc8  
3391 2627d 12h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
3262 2651d 09h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk: update includes  
3120 2719d 23h serge /drivers/ i915 & atikms: update  
3031 2753d 21h serge /drivers/ video/drm: batch update  
2967 2822d 21h Serge /drivers/include/ update ddk includes  
1631 3529d 06h serge /drivers/ ddk: update
devman: scan pci bus. Complete.
1627 3531d 20h serge /drivers/ ddk: fix strcpy
devman: scan pci root bus
1616 3544d 22h serge /drivers/ 1)rename libdrv -> libddk
2)thread safe malloc
3)linux dma_pool_*