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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
3120 2909d 05h serge /drivers/ i915 & atikms: update  
2293 3335d 12h Serge /drivers/devman/acpinfo/ acpinfo  
2216 3362d 07h Serge /drivers/devman/ update acpica  
2187 3368d 02h Serge /drivers/devman/ update  
1875 3577d 12h serge /drivers/ usb: keyboard driver  
1870 3578d 06h serge /drivers/ ddk: missing files  
1867 3579d 06h serge /drivers/devman/ devman: create device list  
1633 3717d 05h serge /drivers/ devman: detect acpi irq  
1631 3718d 12h serge /drivers/ ddk: update
devman: scan pci bus. Complete.
1630 3720d 01h serge /drivers/ radeon:fix compilation & minor updates  
1628 3720d 12h serge /drivers/ devman: scan pci bus. Not yet complete.  
1627 3721d 01h serge /drivers/ ddk: fix strcpy
devman: scan pci root bus
1625 3721d 16h serge /drivers/devman/ scan acpi bus and create device tree  
1500 3821d 06h serge /drivers/devman/ print valid device HID  
1499 3821d 09h serge /drivers/devman/ fix Makefile  
1498 3821d 09h serge /drivers/devman/ acpica library