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6591 1273d 10h serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
6282 1507d 22h serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
6102 1534d 02h serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
6082 1541d 03h serge /drivers/ ddk: 4.4  
5345 1921d 15h serge /drivers/ ddk: kernel rw locks  
4928 2151d 21h Serge /drivers/ddk/ ddk: import ChangeTask  
4125 2353d 23h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
4110 2356d 02h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update to 3.12-rc6, part 2  
3482 2539d 20h Serge /drivers/ i915: enable hotplug && power savings  
3480 2541d 11h Serge /drivers/ i915-v3.9-rc8  
3391 2578d 01h Serge /drivers/ ddk: update  
3039 2701d 23h serge /drivers/ i915: resize surface  
3031 2704d 10h serge /drivers/ video/drm: batch update  
2966 2773d 09h Serge /drivers/ddk/ update ddk  
2169 3133d 20h serge /drivers/ ddk: export GetPid  
2007 3185d 20h serge /drivers/ atikms: RC11.2 video blitter  
1872 3338d 20h serge /drivers/ ddk: alloca & chkstk  
1616 3495d 11h serge /drivers/ 1)rename libdrv -> libddk
2)thread safe malloc
3)linux dma_pool_*
1613 3497d 09h serge /drivers/ update usb driver  
1604 3503d 17h serge /drivers/ddk/ 1) import AttachIntHandler
2) skip log if interrupts masked

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