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5363 1839d 08h yogev_ezra / Change copyright year in kernel and drivers to 2015. No code changes.  
5273 1850d 16h serge /drivers/audio/infinity/ Infinity: return proper size for ring buffers  
5234 1862d 13h clevermouse /drivers/audio/ sound loader: fix crash if the target driver has refused to load  
5193 1880d 16h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Remove unused locals  
5173 1903d 11h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Use PCI list instead of manually re-scanning PCI bus.  
5170 1904d 09h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Fixed typo from #5168  
5168 1904d 11h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Dont try to scan multiple functions on a single function device.
Load SB16 driver when no compatible PCI soundcard was found.
5098 1957d 13h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
5077 1968d 17h clevermouse / * sound drivers converted to PE
* sound driver selector: revert r5071 and fix the problem properly
* sis: integrate changes from drivers/audio/sisnbook, add to autobuild
* intelac97: fix clicks during play on VBox
* intel_hda: fix problems at shutdown
5071 1971d 08h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Bugfix for new sound.sys  
5070 1971d 09h hidnplayr / Converted sound driver selector to PE format.  
5057 1975d 19h clevermouse / fix SB16 driver broken in r3727, convert to PE  
5048 1980d 04h Asper / intel_hda: Convert to PE. Apply source format rules. Some changes to get/set master volume. Enable unsolicited events.  
4555 2178d 11h clevermouse /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ hda driver: don't read uninitialized memory  
4324 2240d 06h Asper /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ HDA: Use another codec when no AFG found if possible  
4321 2240d 14h yogev_ezra /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ Remove duplicate LSI  
4320 2240d 16h yogev_ezra /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ Add 4 LSI audio codec names.  
3753 2393d 10h clevermouse /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ undo r3594 and fix the problem properly  
3614 2419d 14h shikhin / Fixed sys_msg_board (fn 63) to not rely on cross_order and take arguments in original order.  
3594 2423d 09h Asper /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ Fix hangup in VirtualBox on latest kernel revisions  

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