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5097 1832d 14h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm: 3.17-rc4  
5096 1832d 14h serge /drivers/ddk/ ddk: dmi support  
5087 1839d 12h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Converted to PE. Added explaining debug messages. Now two levels of debug output. Improved readability.  
5086 1839d 12h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Include file for apps, which want to use FTDI chips, has all constants and sort of documentation  
5085 1839d 12h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Improved code style. Changed linkedlist_delete to linkedlist_unlink to make universal  
5079 1840d 15h serge / move incomplete uart.asm into /drivers/old  
5078 1840d 20h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm i915: 3.17-rc3  
5077 1840d 21h clevermouse / * sound drivers converted to PE
* sound driver selector: revert r5071 and fix the problem properly
* sis: integrate changes from drivers/audio/sisnbook, add to autobuild
* intelac97: fix clicks during play on VBox
* intel_hda: fix problems at shutdown
5076 1840d 21h hidnplayr /drivers/mouse/ More reliable third button.  
5075 1840d 23h hidnplayr / Com mouse driver: added support for third button.  
5074 1841d 18h hidnplayr /drivers/ Removed old and, replaced with newer, better versions.  
5073 1841d 18h hidnplayr / Converted 3c59x driver to PE format.  
5072 1842d 11h hidnplayr / Improved com mouse driver, converted to PE format.  
5071 1843d 12h hidnplayr /drivers/audio/ Bugfix for new sound.sys  
5070 1843d 13h hidnplayr / Converted sound driver selector to PE format.  
5067 1843d 17h hidnplayr / moved ensoniq driver to drivers/unfinished  
5066 1843d 17h hidnplayr / Converted unfinished cardbus and AGP drivers to PE, moved to drivers/unfinished  
5065 1843d 19h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ debug information changes.  
5060 1846d 22h serge /drivers/video/drm/ drm i915: 3.17-rc2  
5057 1847d 22h clevermouse / fix SB16 driver broken in r3727, convert to PE  

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