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5023 2439d 02h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Fixed baudrate. Added dirty hack to read\write procs because of some mistake in kernel. Added lines in linkedlist_isvalid just in case eax=0  
5020 2441d 03h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Fixed endpoints' numbers typo  
5019 2441d 04h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Fixed iocode typo near CreateEvent  
5018 2441d 05h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Added getters and setter for chunksizes. Some optimizations. Added some checks and errors notification (work in progress).  
5014 2446d 12h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Added ftdi_read_data. Small bug fixes  
5006 2460d 07h hidnplayr / Converted SIS900 driver to PE format.  
5005 2460d 08h hidnplayr / Converted RTL8029 driver to PE format.  
5004 2460d 10h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Enabled all interrupt causes.  
5003 2460d 10h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Changed some debug output.  
4998 2461d 05h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ forcedeth: converted driver to PE format, bugfixes and enhancements in probe, reset, transmit and int_handler procedures.  
4997 2462d 03h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Added advisory locks. ftdi_get_list now returns list of FTDI devices. Added some requests. Added chip type identification in AddDevice. Changed linkedlist's procs' names. Added linkedlist_isvalid  
4992 2473d 01h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Finished set_baudrate. Added setfloctrl. Optimized ConfPacket init for OUT requests  
4985 2488d 04h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Added new requsts. Moved repeated code lines. Returned GPL header  
4984 2490d 00h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Driver now stable. Added new requests (setrtshigh and setrtslow). All requests have some error, as a result status of usb request is 8  
4980 2491d 01h gtament /drivers/ Fixed controll_callback. Added GPL header to the driver. Added USB functions in  
4979 2491d 02h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ Minor driver changes. Also fixed offset mistakes  
4975 2493d 23h gtament /drivers/usb/usbftdi/ The very first version of FTDI driver. The only request is 'set_pins'. Not tested yet  
4974 2494d 10h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Small bugfix concerning ISA devices  
4928 2520d 10h Serge /drivers/ddk/ ddk: import ChangeTask  
4803 2561d 00h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ reduced time-out for auto negotiation, bugfixes.  

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