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4663 2537d 21h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Updated stub for BCM57XX driver to PE format.  
4642 2542d 21h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ disabled superfluous debug output.  
4629 2545d 02h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Fixed bug in PCNET32 driver which allowed it to be loaded multiple times.  
4627 2545d 10h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Fixed bug in RTL8029 driver which allowed it to be loaded multiple times.  
4606 2552d 21h hidnplayr / Rhine ethernet driver: now in PE format.  
4597 2558d 05h hidnplayr / R6040 driver, now in PE format.  
4582 2563d 20h hidnplayr / Updated filenames in makefiles for mtd80x.sys and i8255x.sys, disabled superflous debug output for i8255x and pcnet32 driver.  
4581 2563d 21h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8255x network driver: Now in PE format.  
4580 2563d 21h hidnplayr /drivers/ MTD80x network driver: Now in PE format. Added link detection and more specific device names. Fixed typo in PE network drivers.  
4577 2565d 00h clevermouse /drivers/usb/ small fix  
4576 2565d 01h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ MTD80x driver: MAC address is now read correctly, Fixed bug in transmit procedure.  
4570 2573d 22h Serge /drivers/video/drm/vmwgfx/ vmwgfx: vmw alpha cursor  
4569 2574d 11h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ vmwgfx: 3.14-rc1  
4568 2574d 11h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk: update 3.14-rc1 includes  
4560 2578d 09h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: 3.14-rc1  
4559 2578d 09h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk: 3.14-rc1 includes  
4557 2579d 20h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915: 3.12.9 fix tiling for Gen3 gpu's  
4555 2580d 23h clevermouse /drivers/audio/intel_hda/ hda driver: don't read uninitialized memory  
4547 2586d 04h clevermouse / API to cancel all queued transfers on USB pipe; add timeout for USB device early initialization  
4539 2587d 20h Serge /drivers/video/drm/ i915: 3.12.9  
4538 2587d 20h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk:update to 3.12.9  
4532 2588d 21h hidnplayr / PCnet32: now in PE format.  
4524 2591d 00h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Bugfixes for PE version of i8254x driver  
4522 2591d 23h hidnplayr / i8254x driver: Now in PE format!  
4521 2592d 01h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8254x driver: Corrected return flags for transmit procedure.  
4519 2592d 04h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8254x driver: Use more then one TX descriptor. Prevented re-entry of transmit procedure.  
4512 2592d 19h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ i8254x driver: use more then one RX descriptor.  
4476 2597d 04h hidnplayr /drivers/bus/ Added CardBUS driver stub.  
4470 2598d 01h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Bugfix for #4467  
4467 2598d 04h hidnplayr /drivers/ Removed structures and constants from that are present in  
4453 2600d 20h clevermouse / hardware cursors for RDC M2010/M2012  
4450 2601d 02h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ R6040: replaced some magic numbers with constants, small bugfixes.  
4449 2601d 02h hidnplayr /drivers/ Proper link detection for RTL8139.  
4439 2604d 20h hidnplayr /drivers/ethernet/ Bugfix in R6040 driver RX descriptors, cleanup.  
4419 2616d 05h clevermouse / add new files  
4418 2616d 05h clevermouse / separate USB host controller code into external drivers  
4398 2623d 20h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915: 3.12.6  
4393 2625d 05h Serge /drivers/include/ ddk includes: i915-v3.12.5-v1  
4392 2625d 06h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915-v3.12.5-v1  
4389 2626d 12h Serge /drivers/video/drm/i915/ i915: vsync video support